Swim Fit Board

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KEEP YOUR HEAD ABOVE WATER! – Swim Breast Stroke or Freestyle without getting your hair wet.  Swim Fit board has straps to keep the board in place so you can swim with your arms and legs. No need for googles, ear plugs or swimming caps. Swim for fun or fitness and your  head stays above the water!  

PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS - Use the Swim Fit Board for workouts in the pool.  Swim fast or slow, take breaks in between laps floating comfortably. Wonderful training aid for beginning swimmers.  Great for senior adults to use for your daily swim. 

CONVENIENT AND DURABLE - Our board is super-light, extremely portable and easy-to-use. Designed with a really durable material and a high quality difference you can feel. Weather and chlorine resistant, our board is built to last. 

DESIGNED FOR ADULTS -  This board is the perfect fit for exercise and fun. This board a great complement for adults looking to shape their upper body and legs. 

COMFORTABLE FEEL & DESIGN - Our board feels sturdy and supportive, with straps to hold the board in place. Get a great cardio workout and strengthen your arms, shoulders, core and legs!