Swim without goggles, earplugs or swim caps

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Perfect for beginners and experts

Burn more calories and stay cool

Low impact cardio exercise

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Swim freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke

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“My hair really stays dry! I spend a lot of time styling it and don’t want to get it wet”

Suzzette O.

“My ears don’t hurt anymore… Water in my ears gave me swimmers ear. Swim Fit Board keeps my ears dry!"

Roberto R.

“I can Breathe! I don’t need to hold my breathe and twist my head side to side, what an improvement." Lauren B.

“I can swim for an hour now that I can listen to my audio books and spotify. I used to find swimming really boring.”

Millie S.

“I was looking for an exercise that had low impact on my joints. This board is terrific!

Vanessa M.

“Swimming has helped me lose weight.. the swimfit board makes swimming fun and easy”

Andrea S.

“I’ve never been a strong swimmer, the swimfit board gives me the confidence to stay afloat”

Rich L.

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