Troubleshooting Tips

You should strive to keep your body in a V position while swimming. Don’t push your upper body onto a position parallel to the water. The intention of the Swim Fit Board is to keep you at an angle not flat on the surface of the water.

We recommend that the top of the Swim Fit Board should reach your forehead. However, you should play around with different heights and select the one that is most comfortable to you, by releasing and tightening the straps. It’s ok of the center strap is loose, this strap is meant to keep the horizontal strap from slipping off your bottom.

Keep your head steady. There is no need to rotate your body from side to side as you would do to breathe while swimming freestyle. Holding your head steady will prevent the board from slipping.

Neck Strain? if you feel your neck straining while swimming, lean back so that your head and back are aligned. Your body should not be parallel to the water. Allow the board to let you float in a V position. You should not feel any strain on you neck while swimming.

Too much pressure on your ribcage? Adjust the strap to allow Swim Fit Board to either move up or down so that you find a position that is comfortable and is not putting too much pressure on your ribcage.